Things you need to know about Psoriasis

Have you ever met someone with psoriasis? Approximately 7.5 million people in the U.S. have been dealing with psoriasis. Did you ever see a person with the signs of the diseases? Did you sense the level of frustration and irritation they have been dealing with? The red, small red dots, scaly skin patches, or the pus-filled blisters are the most common symptoms of this disease. It can be seen on the elbows, hands, back, stomach, or even the face.

This skin infection is more than a cosmetic problem. Because people start staring, snickering, or passing comments on the looks of the affected people. Therefore, people start learning the lessons to deal with in all parts of life, from clothing to romance to jobs.

If you want to avoid this infectious disease, it would be better to learn more about this skin infection. In this way, you can also help people who have it to faceless stigma and misunderstanding about their condition.

Here’s what people with psoriasis would like the rest of us to know.

No, it’s not contagious.

Some people think that this skin infection is contagious. But this is just a myth. You cannot catch the disease by touching someone who has it. Even though psoriasis symptoms show up on the skin, the main problem is with the immune system, which is called an autoimmune disease.

To be more precise, it means that the body’s defenses overreact at the wrong time, which affects the body from inside and outside. The immune system of people with psoriasis causes skin cells to grow much faster than normal. They pile up too quickly and form thick, scaly lesions.

But with psoriasis, they die much faster, and piled up with each other and flake off in droves. That may be one reason why so many people think psoriasis is contagious. But it isn’t. So, what is the root cause of this disease? Well, about 10% of people carry a gene that could lead to it.

However, researchers and dermatologists think that this skin infection is likely a combination of triggers and genes in the environment, including stress, depression, consumption of alcohol, some medications, steroids, and infections. Though the real cause is still not identified yet, it is for sure that this is not a contagious problem.


It’s not just a skin thing.

Don’t think of psoriasis as just dandruff or dry skin. It’s more than that.

Though the symptoms of this infection are visible on the skin such as red patches, white-silverish skin, and much more, it’s not really a skin disease. It’s an autoimmune disease, meaning a person’s immune system has turned against her body. It can also affect several different body parts, along with your emotions.

Your co-worker’s treatment may not work for others.

People who are suffering from psoriasis often heard about the suggested treatments and diets to fight against it. There are chances that the suggested treatment that worked for someone else will not work for you. If it happens, then the good intentions of the person may sometimes feel very frustrating and irritating.

People are throwing out ideas when they don’t have psoriasis themselves and sometimes feel very disheartening to affected people. It is not true that “What works for one person may not work for another person.” Sometimes, it may take patience to find the right therapies, but the good news is that there’s probably something to help everyone.

There is hope.

Despite all the frustrations of living with psoriasis, people with the condition still have hope—a treatment that can actually cure this infection permanently. Back in the days, nobody knew about psoriasis, but now there’s a lot of hope.

There is a proper cure, which is known by the name- Comizla psoriasis therapy cream to cure the infection. Comizla works on treating the root cause. In short, this treatment is three times more effective than our closest OTC competitor.

Comizla™ absorbs into the deep layers of your skin and helps block the enzymes that cause inflammation and irritation. In fact, this cream is prepared by using intelligent, natural, and active ingredients that respect your body. These ingredients are mixed in such a proportion that it will help the skin to stimulate the removal of the unhealthy tissues—and then improving the damage caused by the psoriasis inflammation.  

Believe it; this is the best medicine to cure the skin infection. Comizla™ is not only good for your skin but also safe for your body tissues. You don’t have to stress about whether your skincare is hurting you. Your first step to becoming Psoriasis free is right here. Try it now and get an infection-free skin within 60 days! Stay safe and Good luck!

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